• Image of Guarded Treasures

There is a place we can go to discover life’s sweetest treasures. Locked away, deep inside our hearts, we store countless years of memories. Our Father in heaven gifted each of us the ability to cling to those we love through moments of joy, as well as sorrow. No matter what we have experienced in our lifetimes, we will always find incredible blessings stored within our collections.

Whether our loved ones have passed or are still able to share time with us, we are genuinely blessed. As long as we continue to reflect on our treasured memories, those dear to us will forever be present within our hearts.

Life is dreadfully brief. Seasons change too hurriedly. We must use the moments we are given wisely, enjoying those we love. Share laughter. Offer a shoulder to cry on. Give the gift of your time. Love generously and purely. Be that person your loved ones will never forget. And cherish today, for tomorrow is not promised.

Doris Hayes Gibson is also the author of Heart Written – Breaking Free, Heart Written – Calling Me, and Heart Written – Cleansing River. Each publication is written from her heart to touch yours. Perhaps you will unlock some favored memories as you read through these pages of heart-written poetry “created to touch the heart, heal the mind, and purify the soul while bringing glory to God, the Creator of all things.”