• Image of Cleansing River

Through the darkest abyss of the most treacherous waters of life, we have the promise that our Father’s hand will still hold ours. His love will keep us protected. No matter how deep the waters flow, we can rise above, as long as our eyes stay on Him.

There is an emerging river that will carry us to a safer place where there is stillness and pleasure, forevermore. We will become aware that these waters flow with a peacefulness that calms every fear. We can find laughter when we feel like weeping. We can stand when our strength seems to be lacking. We will keep walking when we think our feet can’t carry us another step. And our heads will be lifted high, even when we wish to hide from the world’s view of us and the ridicule which causes unbearable grief.

While reading through these pages, you will begin to search your soul. You will entertain the immeasurable goodness God bestows upon your life. Your mind will discover understanding in the midst of the inexplicable seasons of life. You may uncover a smile, still surviving deep within extreme pain and sorrow. Your heart can even embrace the passionate faith, once deemed unattainable.

There is a reason for every circumstance. Regardless of our questions, God provides the answers in His way and His timing. His responses are always faultless. Restoration is provided by Him for every infirmity. No situation is too difficult for Him to remedy. He can transform the lives of the broken, the weary, the destitute, the sick, and the lost.

The Lord bids us to come. Come and bathe within the restful waves of the cleansing river. There He offers unlimited love, hope, reassurance, forgiveness, fulfillment, serenity, and strength that come with our obedience to His Word.

Doris Hayes Gibson is also the author of Heart Written – Breaking Free, Heart Written – Calling Me, and Heart Written – Guarded Treasures. All of her publications are written from her heart to touch yours. Be blessed and filled with encouragement as you read this edition of heart-written poetry, quotes, and short stories. Each page was “created to touch the heart, heal the mind, and purify the soul while bringing glory to God, the Creator of all things.”